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Crunch Fitness Corporate Wellness is about more than fitness. It’s about cultivating a culture of physical and mental well-being and reinforcing a sense of teamwork in the workplace–taking engagement to a new level so your employees can show up as their strongest selves.

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Equip your team with the tools they need to succeed.

    Corporate Wellness Accounts come standard with all features Crunch has to offer–including bringing a friend free and full-access to our world-famous group fitness classes.
    Whether you travel or not, membership holders within your account will never be without an outlet for exercise.
    * Excludes Crunch Signature locations
    Everything from Hot Yoga classes to Hydromassage sessions are included in your Corporate Wellness Account. Check with your local Crunch to see which special amenities are available.
    Equip your team with more energy to stop that afternoon fatigue slump. Exercise keeps momentum and improves mental capacity.

Bring Crunch Fitness to your team

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Give your team some work(out)-life balance
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Crunch Fitness boasts a wide variety of amenities to deliver the best bang-for-your-buck experience as possible before, during, and after your workout; such as our reclining full-body HydroMassage® bed and stand-up tanning beds for the perfect shade. Locker rooms feature service amenities as showers, lockers, etc.
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Our seasonal schedules of the most awesome classes ever are not just gym-azing, they 're hardcore sweat-fests, designed to get you moving, shaking, and burning in every way imaginable. From Zumba® and Yoga Body Sculpt to Fat Burning Pilates and Tread N' Shred, we've got you covered.
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Whether you train one-on-one or with a group, our exclusive series of programs utilizes the HIITzone to build speed, agility, power and strength. From beginner to badass, the HIITzone is where your fitness journey begins, elevates and continues. It is where challenges are overcome, goals are surpassed and bodies are transformed.
Build a better, healthier and happier culture
of workers consider Health & Wellness offerings when choosing an a job.
of Members felt that their overall mental health has improved.
70% – 90%
Percentage of chronic conditions preventable through lifestyle changes.

Join companies like yours who prioritize health & wellness

“Our partnership with Crunch Fitness has been nothing short of a success. The value is straightforward.” – BRENT B.

“My team really appreciates so many convenient locations. Sometimes we see each other in class, it's great.” – JULIE K.

"The culture of my company has never been better. Give your staff something to be excited about!” – CHARLES W.